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Grant Awarded for Inquiry-Based Learning


Last year Roycemore was awarded a Library Book Selection Service (LBSS) grant for $1,500 from the Association of Illinois School Library Educators (AISLE). The grant was awarded to Roycemore to purchase nonfiction books connected with the curriculum. The new project is called the Middle School Guided Inquiry Project.


Denise Wirth, the former librarian, Amy Milner, Howard Stanley, Lynne Green, and Ron Tain worked together to teach middle school students how to incorporate authentic research skills into their learning. The grant purchased 90 nonfiction books that were used throughout the year. These books continue to be popular with both students and faculty! 


Over this past weekend, our new librarian, Karrie Fisher, presented our Middle School Guided Inquiry Project at the AISLE conference for school librarians. The project was well received by session attendees and members of the grant committee. Way to go, Karrie!


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