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Battle of the Books


Ms. Fisher launched Battle of the Books with the fourth, fifth, and sixth graders last week!  Students are forming teams and reading books on a master list.  Battle of the Books is a popular literary game that is often associated with improved reading skills.  It provides an opportunity for children to read amazing books, perform as a team, and have fun!  In March, they will play a jeopardy-style game to see who wins the battle!  The top three teams will compete in an interscholastic game that includes Chiaravalle Montessori School, St. Francis Xavier, and St. Joseph School.


Students were given information packets last week, including a list of books and a permission form.  Parents who would like more information can contact, and she'll be happy to send you everything you need!  Please encourage your fourth, fifth, or sixth grader to participate!  It's a blast!

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